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HC-F100G F200G F300G  Stainless&Glass door  Spray Booth (Item:712100)

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Outside Size (mm)


Front Door(mm)


Inside  Size(mm)


Total Power(km)




Cabin System

Main door 3000 x 2600 (W*H)  four hand stainless steel doors. The door frame  is processed by 1.2mm stainless steel and black titanium gold material. The door frame around 2mm Square keel welding, fixed hinge using 6mm cold rolled steel plate welding as embedded parts in the keel, ensure the door does not sag, using aluminum mold hinge 180*120 thickness 15mm, can guarantee the strength and beautiful atmosphere. The observation window uses double mesoporous interlayer 8mm thick tempered glass to ensure safety and no injury.


Fireproof siliconrock color steel  plate 0.326mm, 50mm Thick, Tongue & Groove Style, Compound Construction, Aluminum-alloy Frame. Anti-flame and Heat-Insulation, Galvanized steel roof panel

HCF100G:Door is stainless&glass,other 3 side use Fireproof siliconrock color steel  plate.
HCF200G:Door and 1side are stainless&glass,other 2 side use Fireproof siliconrock color steel  plate.
HCF300G:Door and 2side are stainless&glass,other 1 side use Fireproof siliconrock color steel  plate.


Galvanized Steel Sheet and Square steel pipe assembling, Grid &embossed plate floor, Three embossed steel ramps.

Air Circulation System

inlet Fan


Outlet Fan:5.5kw /1set

Air Volume: 20000m3/h; Air Speed: 0.35m/s, Air Recycling times:280 times/h;

Purification System

Dual Filtering Structure, The Primary Filter Can Capture Granules Larger than 10μm. Ceiling Filter Capture Granules Bigger than 4μm. Its filtering rate reaches 98%. air pressure balance gauge, TSP1.4mg/m3

Heating System


30pc Infrared heating tube and can Universal rotation

Heat Energy Converter

SUS304 Stainless Steel heat exchanger, argon arc welding;

Max Temp:80C, Heating Time:6-8min(20-50),

Light System

Ceiling Light: 24pcs 36w Philips Lamp; 800 Lux

Controlling System

Spray & Baking Switch, Light Switch, Emergency Stop, Breakdown Alarm


Package Information:

Metal frame and carton 
More Detail:

4:Important function

Fireproof silicone wallboard

light can rotat

Water paint Air supply dry system

Photocatalytic waste gas treatment system

Stainless steel glass door


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