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HOTON Four Wheel Aligner Series


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Model: 3D Four wheel aligner- HC618D (Item:510618)

Professional, Reliable, Affordable

Measuring parameter:

Display accuracy: Range - , Accuracy 1/0.01°/0.1mm

Camber: Range  ± 10°, Accuracy  ± 2'

Caster: Range ± 20°, Accuracy  ± 6'

K.P.I.: Range ± 20°, Accuracy  ± 6'

Toe-in: Range ± 20°, Accuracy  ± 2'

Set back: Range  ± 5°, Accuracy  ± 2'

Thrust angle: Range  ± 5°, Accuracy  ± 2'

Thread: Range  1,800mm, Accuracy  ± 1mm

Wheelbase: Range  3,500mm, Accuracy  ± 2mm

CE certification,Patents,Intellectual Property Rights of software, HD Camera, USB Interface, FPGA Technology, Temperature Compensation, Intuitive , 3D dynamic simulation, Real-time Measuring, Less demand to lift level,high precision and quality, Need not Wheel Compensation.
• The camera system follows the height of the vehicle, eliminating the need to adjust the aligner when you move the lift,and has very good accuracy than 5-megapixel camera.
• Get readings in less than two minutes on a wide variety of vehicles and wheel sizes
• Comprehensive vehicle specification database with frequent updates ensures you always have the information to do the job right
Product Overview:
* Combined with 4 mini target plates, 2 HD cameras system provides the most economic and accurate four-wheel alignment.
* Camera constantly take pictures from the four target plates and do precise calculation, the measurement data immediately shown.
* Camera calibration has been done in the factory.
* The camera is fixed on the beam and no need to adjust.
* The target does not have electronic devices, wire and battery, no need to calibrate
* Special Configuration:
Temperature Compensation , Fast measuring ,
No crash,Accurate,Easy operation and Maintenance, Audio prompt, Multilingual.
Standard Parameters Measurement
Chassis Parameters Measuremment
Visual Vehicle movement
Automatic vehicle height Tracking
Remote technical service provided
The Equipments Configuration:
Beam with 2 HD Camera,Moveable cabinet
Computer,Lenovo Or HP brand,Software requirement:Win 7,32-bit operating system.
Internal Memory Capacity,2G
Hard disk,250GB.
CPU speed:>2.0GHZ
Double Monitor,19".
Target,4 mini targets
Clamp,12"-22"(24" option)
Brake Fixer
Lock for Steering wheel
2PCS Wedge Block
Luxury cabinet 1PC,Update,online freely
• Warranty :one year (Camera and HUB board: 3 years), Extended Warranty :Negotiable.
• OEM services provided.
Packing detail:
Total: 4 Packages
Total G.W: 339kgs Appr.
Total Volume:2.0CBM Appr.


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