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HOTON Four Post Lift Series(3.5T-6.5T)


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1:Four post lift (include second lift and slide board)-For Alignment and Tire

HC3D435 Four Post Lift(3.5T)


HC440WA Four Post Lift(4.0T)

HC450WA Four Post Lift(5.0T)

HC455WA Four Post Lift (5.5T)

HC460WA Four Post Lift (6.0T)

HC465WA Four Post Lift (6.5T)


HC463G Open Four Post Lift (6.3T)


2:Four post lift (No include second lift and slide board)-For maintenance

HC435P Four Post Lift

HC440P Four Post Car Lift

HC450P Four Post Lift


HC455P Four Post Lift

HC465P Four Post Lift


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