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Auto body frame repair machines --HCK5  (Item:722005)


Table Length---------------------------5600mm
Table Width-----------------------------2260mm
Table Height----------------------------50mm
Diameter of the Post -----------------160mm
Hydraulic Pressure -------------------70MPa
Post Max. Tension --------------------10T
Post Working Rang--------------------360°
Height of the Post----------------------2250mm
Pulling Stroke---------------------------358mm
Pneumatic Pressure --------------0.5-0.8MPa
Max Load--------------------------------3500kg
Total Weight ----------------------------3000kg

Performance Introduction

 takes in the most advanced technology of the globe. We also take the actual problems existing during domestic auto repairing works into sensible consideration. This equipment is aiming at Practicability, safety and accuracy. The adaptation of modular design concept as well as professional division of labor, with our great passion and exquisite workmanship, creates distinguished quality and technology.

1.     The platform is made from rectangular pipe by welding. High density manganese steel makes it durable.

2.     Double posts, 160mm of diameter, 2250mm of height and358mm of pulling stroke can meet the pulling repair of a variety of high-tensile auto bodies.

3.     Main clamps are very convenient to fix and is flexible to adjust. Tooth clamps are very sturdy.

4.     Rich high-tensile pulling clamps and accessories can meet the pulling repair of autos in different shapes.

5.     Double hydraulic systems guarantee strong power and durability.

6.     High-precision measuring system can provide accurate and convenient operation.

7.     Universal data of all kinds of vehicles can meet all the repairing needs.

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