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Equipment installation for Nigerian customers came to a successful end


    2013 is a year in which HOTON Company gains very rapid development on its export business. Our company has accumulated a lot of experience based on years¡¯ export of WHOLE WORKSHOP PACKAGE AND SERVICE, and thus we always help our customers avoid detours. Most of the customers manage to install the equipment themselves; however, we still offer equipment installation for the customers who worry about the installation after they purchase the equipment. Our company is committed to providing installation service abroad, and we live up to our words. Our experience regarding various equipment installations guides us to offer customers the most reasonable scheme of equipment and tools to recommend. To offer different products for different situations in different countries is one of our main advantages.

During Dec 1st to Dec 10th, our allocated engineers and technicians were sent to Nigeria for the equipment installation and guidance.

I have many other customers in Lagos. Knowing I came, they came to see me.

The 1st day: lift installation

Due to the actual length of the workshop, we decided to put the lifts diagonally to ensure easy vehicle access.
The 2nd day: to assemble small equipment

According to the characteristics of the workshop, we categorized various small equipment and put them away.

The installation of the auto collision repair bench

The installation of the air compressor

The installation of the generator

The 3rd day to the 5th day: the installation of the paint booth.
Actually the most troublesome one of all the equipment is the paint booth. There are so many pieces and it¡¯s time-consuming. Sometimes small cuts and adjustments are needed.

Due to the uneven ground, we required our customer to redo the foundation (the red part). Many workshops do not pay enough attention to it, which always lead the tilting and cracking after installation. If at first the base is made even, then the installation process will be very smooth, and the paint booth will be quite strong.

Plate matching: the diagonals of the door frame should be equal. In this way, can the door be fitted well.

Æ´Plate matching is completed. Now do the riveting.

Install the beam

Install the controlling system and exhaust system

Cut a hole for the exhaust system

Install the roof

Install the lamp box

Connect the fans

Filter cotton



The 6th day: 4 wheel alignment machine¡¯s installation and debugging.
The 7th day: install the air pipeline system
The 8th day:  the debugging of all equipment has been accomplished
The 9th day: home-returning

Conclusion: We spent eight days¡¯ time in completing the installation task which normally needs 15 days. Meanwhile, a harmonious and tight friendship has been made between the local people and us.


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