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Talking about SUV repair equipment

Talking about SUV repair equipment

    shanghai Hoton,2015-4-25 

   Since 2012, The car factory let the wild cross-country car appling to city---SUV car, the car has good vision, good operation and fuel economy, SUV began to popular , Now from the city to the countryside, everywhere is  SUV car, Many old owners will update to the SUV.

  SUV car increased year by year, some of the old repair factory has brought a lot of confusion for repairing, the early construction of the repair shop a lot of equipment is only applicable to ordinary cars, some repair factory equipped with four post lift can be used for SUV, but can not save the actual needs. To avoid this situation, this article lists some SUV car repair the necessary economic and practical equipment, hope the new plant customers to choose the equipment, as well as the old factory customers to add or update these devices. The same equipment can be applied to high-end cars, such as Benz BMW Land Rover Phaeton vehicle repair.

1:Two psot lift,Type HCQJY40MZ
Reason:More widen

2:SUV special scissor lift  C535SUV
 Reason:It has four support frame

3:SUV special balance HCW69
 Reason:Can load heavy tire

4:SUV special tire changer HCT626R
  Reason:26“。More big

5:Body Frame HCK3L
  Reason:More long more strong

7:CO2 weld FYMIG5260,价格:6800
 Reason:Both Welding aluminum and iron car body

8:Aluminum body spot weld FY65L,价格:11800
Reason:For aluminum body car

9:painting Room HC9200,价格:53800
Reason:Space more big  6.9x4x2.8



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