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 Chilean Repair Works Open Case

    Chile, One South American country, A young man is from Dalian of China, Young people have energetic and energetic. He is going to build a repair factory. We don't have too many worries and trust each other. Our quotations are unified quotations. After discussing his requirements,the customer quickly pays a deposit, and the small parts in the back are slowly added up,and Payment before shipment so he can speed up the stock-up.
   We not only provide the equipment and tools of the whole  plant, but also provide floor tiles and lamps for decoration. Floor tiles are very expensive building materials abroad, but they are very cheap in China. Transportation uses the spare space of cabinets, which saves a lot of costs.and The grade of the whole repair plant has been greatly improved.
1: A handsome young man in the sunshine

2: Customer's venues, look shabby

3. Planning and design for customers

4: Customers began to decorate

5: We have started to prepare and ship goods. Most of South America uses refrigerated cabinets which are cheap.

6: Customers are making the basis of equipment

7: After the customer receives the goods, he starts to install the equipment.

8: Equipment, floor tiles, lamp installation completed, debugging

9: Open

10: Two months later, business is busy.

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