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News and new product-2012-2019 CASE
2019-08:Four Door Paint booth On Sale Ethiopian auto equipment installing finish
2019-07:Hoton export busily (201907) One stop small Workshop Open
2019-06:China One Stop Workshop Open Ethiopian auto equipment installing finish
2019-05:One stop small Workshop Open Chile Repair Workshop Open
2019-04:Ethiopian auto equipment installing finish Fusion Motor Repair Factory of Batam Indonesia
2019-03:Quick Repair Workshop Open Equipment installation for Nigerian
2019-02:Tire service&maintenance&cleaning equipment I love Africa,I love Nigeria Forever
2019-01:Chile Repair Workshop Open UZBEKISTAN installation ended successfully
2018-14:Big Workshop Case UZBEKISTAN workshop open
2018-13:5T two post lifter BAHRAIN installation ended successfully
2018-12:fine washing&quick repair&body&painting one stop workshop MR FU (from Panama)visit our company&factory ,Book many products
2018-11:Hoton export busily in September(201811) Hoton export busily in May (7PC containers)
2018-10:Negative pressure  Spray Booth installation cases Hoton export busily (201801)
2018-09:Alignment data update online Hoton export busily (201711)
2018-08:HCF90G negative pressure  Spray Booth Hoton export busily (201709)
2018-07:HOTON got the third  Launch volume in 2017 Hoton export busily (201701)
2018-06:UZBEKISTAN workshop open Hoton export busily(201609)
2018-05:Hoton export busily (201805) Hoton export busily in September(201811)
2018-04: VIDEO:3D aligment introduce Hoton Myanmaer branch company
2018-03: VIDEO:3D automatic balancer  
2018-02: VIDEO:Stainless&Glass door Spray Booth  
2018-01: 5T/4.5M Double scissor lifter  
2017-14:BAHRAIN installation ended successfully  
2017-13:UZBEKISTAN installation ended successfully  
2017-12:Hoton export busily (201711)  
2017-11:Provide complete Launch equipment  
2017-10:Provide Full set auto repair workshop equipment  
2017-09:Hoton export busily (201709)  
2017-08: HOTON design case  
2017-07: Hoton customer  Case: car garage senior  
2017-06: 2017 Canton fair  
2017-05:Hoton export busily (201701)  
2017-04:We will attend 2017 Canton Fair  
2017-03:Hoton customer  Case: car garage senior  
2017-02:Hoton customer  Case: car garage middle  
2017-01:Hoton customer Case: car garage standard  
2016-13:Hoton Myanmaer branch company  
2016-12:Hoton new tire balancer and changer  
2016-11:168PC Tool cabinet wholesale Only $368  
2016-10:Hoton ZD-260C Paiting Room  
2016-09:Hoton export busily  
2016-08:Hoton new brand-ZD united  
2016-07:Launch lift series  
2016-07:Auto Diagnostics system  
2016-06:Single Post Lift  
2016-05:BMW,BENZ tool with trolley set  
2016-04:Tire repair equipment and consumer goods  
2016-03:Scissor floor lift  
2016-02: four post floor lift introduce  
2016-01:8T/10T/12T/16T Four post lift introduce  
2015year news  
2015-10:CHRIS come to HOTON buy products second from Nigeria  
2015-09:HOTON exports busy On October  
2015-08:Guangzhou Automobile 4S shop equipment installation is completed  
2015-07:Case: Heihe import car repair shop install ending  
2015-06:The installation of equipment exported to Mongolia successfully ended  
2015-05:Shanghai HOTON complete the Canton Fair successfully  
2015-04:2015 New catalogue download  
2015-04:China case-4 design / One stop repair station  
2015-03:China case-3 design /Benz BMW repair station  
2015-03:China case-2 design /Benz BMW repair station  
2015-02:China case-1 design / 2-storey lifting struction  
2015-01:One-stop repair station planning and real example  
2014-12:Four  post 2-storey lifting system  
2014-11:we design workshop for you  
2014-11:New product price list  
2014-10:Hoton Export busy on August&September  
2014-09:Heihe Import Auto Repair Factory Equipment Installation  
2014-09:The Second Factory of Shenzhou Rental Been Completed  
2014-08:Nine-Easy Car workshop been end  
2014-07:I love Africa,I love Nigeria Forever  
2014-06:2014-6 Hoton export busy  
2014-06:3 workshop design case and install the equipment  
2014-05:Talking about SUV repair equipment  
2014-05:Auto Equiupment of SUV&Luxury Car Suggest  
2014-04:HOTON have completed loading 10PC containers in 2 days  
2014-03: How to build your workshop follow me 600m2 design  
2014-02:2014 3D Alignment more stable and more cheap  
2014-01:Equipment installation for Nigerian  
2013-12:Fusion Motor Repair Factory of Batam Indonesia  
2013-11:we provide one stop service design install car equipment 1000m2 design  
2013-9:Design:same equipment, why not  result  
2013-8:Shanghai Hoton is busy on Hot and Rainy August  
2013-6:Shanghai HOTON  busiest on  month of July (multi-map)  
2013-5:New price download  
2013-4:Shanghai hoton auto special equipment show room  
2013-3:Panama customer repair factory opened  
2013-2:ASIK come to HOTON for training  
2012-11:Oct/2012 HOTON export busy  
2012-10:Shanghai HOTON  design all kinds of workshop drawing ( 2012)  
2012-9:The advantages of Hoton 3D wheel aligners compared with the ones of other brands  
2012-8:Jul/2012 HOTON export busy  
2012-7:Fusion Motor Repair Factory of Batam Indonesia  
2012-7:My Mozambique friend find me to design his workshop in china  
2012-6:2000m3 workshop design  
2012-6:Jun/2012 HOTON export busy  
2012-6:3D alignment with four lift (launch brand) only sale :$ 6900  
2012-6:We have sent more than 200PC lifts on JUN  
2012-5:Taiwan LUXGEN Auto Special Repair Station(SUZHOU) have install the equipment of my company  
2012-5:China KingLong Auto special repair station have install all the bus equipment from Hoton  
2012-4:MR FU (from Panama)visit our company&factory ,Book many products  
2012-3:  March/2012 HOTON export busy  

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